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Wellness Care


Our pets have joined us in the 21St century.  About the size of a grain of rice microchips have helped many pets find their way home. Place them between the shoulder blades so its pain free and don’t even know it’s there.   CAH has teamed up with the Leader in Micro-Chipping 24-Hour Pet Watch. 24-Hour Pet Watch offers online and phone access to their National Database in tracking your lost pets.  The service includes a Pet Medical Emergency Hotline.  


Pets need annual check-ups just like their owners.  Our veterinarians do a comprehensive exam of your pets, head to tail. Exams include checking the temperature, listening to the heart and lungs, checking the patient's eyes, ears, nose, and throat, palpating the abdomen, and checking the skin. Each exam comes with a complimentary nail trim and ear cleaning. During these exams the veterinarian will talk with you about fleas, ticks, heartworms, diet, and vaccination protocols. Your pet's health is top priority at our clinic.  We want you to have a long, healthy life together!


Fleas, Ticks, and Worms Oh My!

These are just a few of the things that are out there. On the market today are numerous treatments but which one is right for your family.  Our veterinarians are always good source of information to help make your decision. Calera Animal Hospital (CAH) carries all of the ones that our vets recommend. The products we offer protect your pet and help you have peace of mind because we stand behind them. 

Heartworms are very prevalent in Alabama, leaving your pet untreated can lead to a host of health problems.  One intestinal worm produces more than 100,000 eggs in a day. These problems can in some cases spread to you and your family.  In the US over 10,000 cases of human roundworm infections are reported each year. Prevention is KEY in the treatment of your pet and is important to you and your family. 

Your pet should have a Wellness Exam at least every six to twelve months.  Testing for heartworm disease needs to be done annually.  Two times a year a fecal examination should be done. 

 Why should you get your products here?  Veterinarians are the only professionals that are qualified to help in your pet healthcare. Those Big Box stores may seem to have lower costs but do they know about the products being sold, your pet, or have access to their history.  We stand behind the products and services we offer.   We want you think of us first when it comes to your pets needs.